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    Welcome to the Garb Shop
    My custom apparel is perfect for feast or faire!

    Are you looking for the perfect costume from any time period? Look no further, because all your clothing needs can be found here!

    My line of garb is perfect for SCA, Medieval events, Pennsic, Renaissance Faires, Mardi Gras, Civil War events, and any other reenactment or LARP event you may be involved in. I can also do Lord of the Rings and pirate costumes. My apparel would also be perfect for Halloween costumes for the whole family.

    I have a few examples of my clothing line here on my website. Please take a look at my work. Even if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, contact me with the details (picture, sketch, color, size, etc.) and I will see what I can do for you and send you an estimate.

    I look forward to helping you find that perfect costume for any event. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

    If you need something in a hurry, please email me ahead of time to make sure I can get it out to you on time. Otherwise it usually takes me a week to 10 days to get your order put in the mail.

    If it is a large order, it will take quite a bit longer.

    I will need a months notice for weddings so I can make sure I have enough fabric on hand.

    **FREE SHIPPING on -ALL- orders for a limited time only!
    Due to postal increases, I can only ship to the USA for free!**